Manufacturing a wide range of threading tools for more than 90 years, Yamawa is one of the most important tap manufacturers in the world and represents the quality landmark of its activity sector.

Established in 1923 in Tokyo, Yamawa has 4 plants in the north of Japan. Foundation of that excellence, the outstanding quality control, applied to every manufacturing process.Yamawa's thorough quality control and consideration to environment result in a fact that we have obtained ISO9001 certificate as the first tap manufacturer in Japan.

Mr. Jokichi Watanabe started the business in Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo. Since then, YAMAWA has been making an effort to evolve its technologies along with the progress of Japanese machine industry. YAMAWA will respond to diverse customers’ needs by continuously focusing on research and development.

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Innovation, reliability and flexibility are the guidelines of a company that in over 60 years has always aimed at quality products and a first-class service to the customer. In this way Sorma S.p.A has been able to grow and establish itself as one of the most important competitors at international level.

Cutting Tools Division
Focused on the distribution of top brands in the metals cutting tools industry for both the domestic and international markets. Brands include Yamawa for threading taps, Osawa for a wide range of solid carbide drills and end mills, Nikko Tools for indexable inserts and tools.
Diamond Tools Division
Focused on production and distribution of abrasive and super abrasive tools (Diamond & CBN) used to work stones, glass, metals, composite materials, concrete, cloth, paper, wood and in many other applications.

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Quality, tradition and progress.

Quality, tradition and progress merge at Honsberg. Already in 1798 the Honsberg brothers started to produce metal and wood cutting saw blades in Remscheid, the German centre for tool industry. Since 1987 Honsberg Metallsägen GmbH - as an independent company - is specialised in the development, production, distribution and service of metal bandsaw blades world-wide. Research and development by Honsberg has always been ongoing and we have been foremost in producing and refining bimetal and tungsten carbide products to meet the increasing customer demands for high quality cutting tools at competitive pricing. Today we supply 1st class cutting solutions for all possible metal cutting tasks.

Our customers rely on our permanent high quality level confident that saw blades produced under the Honsberg brand meet even highest demands regarding precision, reliability and permanent product control. All items are therefore produced to ISO 9001 standards.

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Combining the diverse strengths of the Kyocera Group to create new value and ensure customer satisfaction.

Kyocera places top priority on the "Customer-First" Principle to ensure that the products and services we provide consistently delight people. Customer satisfaction requires us to respond quickly to the constant changes all around us. We also strive to create new value by organically mobilizing the technological capabilities and management resources within the Kyocera Group, using our Kyocera Philosophy, our Amoeba Management System, and our belief in managing through a "bond of human minds." When we all combine efforts to participate in management, finding satisfaction and fulfilment in our work and expanding our true potential, we grow as human beings. The quality of a technology, product or service depends on the people behind it. We want to deliver new value to our customers continuously, through team members who pursue their dreams, work enthusiastically and consistently achieve self-determined goals.

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Precision. Perfection. Performance.

Founded by Dietrich Karnasch Heddesheim, Baden, as Dietrich Karnasch Sägen- and Schneidwerkzeuge GmbH in 1961, our company is looking back at a successful history of more than half a century. In this time, it has acquired an outstanding reputation in the production and sale of outstanding high-performance tools. Only 11 years later, in 1972, did we start export of our products into the European market. To this day, our customers around the world trust in our tools' quality. In the scope of successful establishing in foreign trade, we started setting up our global sales structure in 1976, using the respective competent contacts on site. Today, Karnasch Professional Tools GmbH - now under a new name - is a globally successful company with globally operating sales partners.

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We are defined by both our ability to reach an international market and the quality of our products.

BDS Maschinen GmbH is a manufacturer of made in Germany premium class Magnetic Drilling Machines, Annular Cutters and Plate Beveling Machines. BDS being the worlds' leading manufacturer has in its product range more than 21 types of magnetic drill press dedicated to core drilling, twist drilling, tapping, reaming and countersink. BDS also manufacturers special drilling machines such as cordless magnetic drilling machines, two types of rail drilling machines, pneumatic drilling machines, compact drilling machines, automatic drilling machines, cross table base drilling machines, etc. BDS also excels in manufacturing annular cutters with Europes' biggest manufacturing facility for producing premium quality annular cutters also called as core drills.

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